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The successes of Cancun are now widely reported and praised in the media: the establishment of a Green Climate Fund, positive text on REDD+, and the Kyoto Protocol’s second commitment period extended a lifeline until Durban next year. The parties agreed in spite of Bolivia’s objections that the texts did not do enough to counter […]

NGO Panel Provides Analysis of and Insight into Negotiations

The NGO panel faulted some familiar parties for “throwing spanners in the [gears]” of the negotiations, and pointed out some new targets of criticism. The U.S. was faulted on some things like Green Climate Fund negotiations and uncalled-for quarreling about MRVS, but Canada and Russia and particularly Japan were faulted for endangering prospects for Kyoto […]

more bad news for Kyoto’s second commitment period

Now Canada seems to be joining Russia and Japan to not extend the Kyoto Protocol beyond 2010. On Wednesday Japan stated, “Japan will not inscribe its target under the Kyoto Protocol on any conditions or under any circumstances.” ¬†Yesterday, Christiana Figeres,¬†United Nations climate chief said that Canada is 1/3 countries among the 36 signatories opposed […]