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The Cancun Agreements

Agreements were made. This is important. The process did not fail and the UNFCCC will continue in the long term quest to achieve internationally binding targets.  I have seen several achievements consistently mentioned in the media. (1) Commitments made by global economies for 2020 were recognized/the Copenhagen Accord was adopted, (2) a global environmental fund […]

A Green Climate Fund, says AWG-LCA Draft of 4 PM Today

I fought off packs of wilding diplomats and dispatched with a “hey, wait a second” a sneaky fellow in a three-piece who cut in front of me and the 75 others behind me when I looked away for a moment while waiting in the building-long line to get my hot copy of the AWG-LCA (Advanced […]

UN starts seriously working with cities.

My very last “low-level” side event, I ended with some positive news about progress in cities throughout the world. Not only are cities making progress, but they are starting to get recognition and assistance from the international community. The representative form the World Bank said, “We realize we need to partner with cities” For the […]

Mountain Adaptation

The Minister for the Environment of Chile, Javier Garcia, introduced a side event on mountain adaptation by talking about the importance of mountains. ½ the world’s water supply and ½ the world’s biodiversity hotspots are in mountains.