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The successes of Cancun are now widely reported and praised in the media: the establishment of a Green Climate Fund, positive text on REDD+, and the Kyoto Protocol’s second commitment period extended a lifeline until Durban next year. The parties agreed in spite of Bolivia’s objections that the texts did not do enough to counter […]

A Green Climate Fund, says AWG-LCA Draft of 4 PM Today

I fought off packs of wilding diplomats and dispatched with a “hey, wait a second” a sneaky fellow in a three-piece who cut in front of me and the 75 others behind me when I looked away for a moment while waiting in the building-long line to get my hot copy of the AWG-LCA (Advanced […]

NGO Panel Provides Analysis of and Insight into Negotiations

The NGO panel faulted some familiar parties for “throwing spanners in the [gears]” of the negotiations, and pointed out some new targets of criticism. The U.S. was faulted on some things like Green Climate Fund negotiations and uncalled-for quarreling about MRVS, but Canada and Russia and particularly Japan were faulted for endangering prospects for Kyoto […]

Jostling for Draft Texts at Azteca Expo Center at the COP

I wanted to get a copy of the revised proposals, latest draft texts, and so forth. So I gathered with the others at the documents counter. It was like stage-side at a Beyonce concert for a bit there, a lot of people jostling for position for these texts. There are various interpretations on what’s been […]

The open plenary meeting wrapped up in Ceiba room earlier, there’s another scheduled for three. No final text has been released. There’s a U.S. press conference in 10 minutes at Sol room, I’m hustling over.

Advisory Group on Financing Panel says the Target of $100 Billion Climate Aid by 2020 is “Feasible”

I attended the side event yesterday where the authors of the High-Level Advisory Group on Financing (AGF) discussed their report, which came out about a month ago. The co-chairs (Presidents Stoltenberg of Norway and Zenawi of Ethiopia) were both present, as was UN Sec. Gen. Moon. That report said the goal set by Copenhagen Accord […]

Symbolic, Solitary, Cancun Wind Turbine is Climate Change Mitigation

On the shuttle bus route from Cancunmesse (where the side events, NGO booths, and such are) to the site of the COP itself, Moon Palace (an ornate conference facility) there‚Äôs recently-erected wind turbine. I snapped this shot of it yesterday morning. It was built for functionality (1.5 megawatts) and as a symbol that inspires the […]

On Science and Climate, Let Us Not Be “the Stupid Generation” says Guyana

Dan here. We’re observing the main COP meeting. Us observers sit in the back here behind the plenary’s parties at their tables, but we can see the various presidents and prime ministers and other ministers clearly across the vast Ceiba room. Pres. Rafael Correa of Ecuador spoke about accountability 20 minutes ago, but I was […]

Watching the Opening Ceremony of the High Level Segment

We’re at the COP, at the Zocota room, via closed circuit video, watching the opening ceremony of the High Level Segment at the building next door. There was a great opening with colorfully and fiercely costumed dramatic dancers. The panel of high level officials is now speaking. They are urging on all the parties, to […]

Reaching the Goal Incrementally at COP 16

The solution to the climate change problem can be reached incrementally, I say. The climate change solution is a structure at the summit of a Mayan pyramid that can be ascended from different sides, a step or a few at a time, on each side. REDD-plus is one such expanse of steps: counter-deforestation, reforestation, agriforesty, […]